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We propose our selection of cocktails with the "Chef Display", from which our Chef accurately and knowingly prepares finger food (slivers of Prosecco-marinated pineapple, chocolate-soaked citrus zest, quail egg canapés, mini sea bream burgers, parmesan cheese perfumed with Martini Dry Vermouth and delicious pecans) that are perfect any time of the day.

Contact us to reserve your table and to require more information about the menu:

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Our J.K. Signature cocktails


    - Negroni di Sera

    (Hendrick's Gin, Carpano Antica Formula and Bitter Campari)

    The Italian aperitif par excellence. In our revised version, I propose it with the strong taste of Gin, the unique flavor of Barolo Chinato, the slightly Bitter taste of Campari and a few drops of Orange bitter, for lovers of strong but velvety flavors.


    - Mojito Royal

    (White rum, fresh mint leaves, lime juice, raspberries, raw cane sugar, framboise liqueur, champagne)

    Our interpretation of the Mojito. We propose it with the addition of raspberries, Crème de Framboise, mint, lime juice, raw cane sugar and white rum, finished with the elegantly "Royal" touch of champagne.


    - Sunset Martini

    (fresh watermelon, basil leaves, jasmine syrup, vodka)

    The sweetest and tastiest of Martini's. Chunks of fresh watermelon, basil leaves and jasmine syrup mixed with vodka make sunset at the JK Capri a moment to savor...


    - Espresso Martini

    (Vodka, Espresso, Kahlua, Frangelico, sugar syrup)

    The perfect after dinner drink. The home of espresso is here and, to it we add vodka, Kahlua, Frangelico and sugar syrup, for those that love decisive, intense, but balanced flavors.


    - The Caprito

    In the land of limoncello, we propose something suitable for lovers of fresh and local tastes. We combine fresh lime with white sugar, adding the finest liquor from Capri together with a touch of Cranberry juice.