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Unforgettable excursions and mini cruises towards the most enchanting locations of the Blue Island and Amalfi Coast, boat trip around the island to discover all the secrets and marvels of Capri, Night excursion by boat to enjoy a beautiful sunset, Private transfers by motor boat, Helicopter tranfers, Walking tours with specialized guide, Restaurant reservations.

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Marina Grande

The big marina is the first landing place on Capri, where public and private boats arrive from the mainland. It is located in the bay on the northern part of the island, right on the Gulf of Naples and consists of two large straights. Marina Grande is also a seaside resort with an ample beach. The houses lining the harbor still have the ancient structure typical of the fishermen of Capri; with a lower level reserved exclusively for boats.

Marina Piccola

This little marina is one of the most popular places on the island, where you will find the "Scoglio delle Sirene" (Mermaid Reef) that, according to the theories of some historic scholars, was the place in which Homer's terrible mermaids of his Odyssey were found.

The Faraglioni

When we think of Capri, the first images that come to mind are of the Faraglioni, the three large stack formations of rock. These formations are over 100 meters high and rise from the sea just a few meters from the coast. Each stack has its own name: the closest and still attached to the island is named Stella (star), the second, separated from the first by a stretch of sea, is named Mezzo (middle), and the third Faraglione goes by the name Fuori (outside) or Scopolo.

The Piazzetta

In truth, this square is called Piazza Umberto I, but since the 1930's it has been called "la piazzetta", the little square. As small as it is, it is the center of island social life, deserving of the nickname "the world's living room". It has always been the heart of Capri society, but at one time, it was simply the square where the fish market was held.


This is the place where you can still take peaceful walks along silent streets and squares colored by geraniums and bougainvillea. The pedestrian area is lively with small artisan workshops that cross the historic center of Anacapri.

Blue Grotto

Already known to the ancient Romans, it is thought that the Blue Grotto was a favorite place of the emperor Tiberius. The magic light that illuminates the rocky walls and the crystalline waters of this famous cave will leave you speechless; a spellbinding scenario that makes you feel suspended in the sky.

Villa San Michele

The Swedish physician, Alex Munthe, wanted to build his island home in one of the most scenic spots of Anacapri. It stands out for its imaginative architecture with a succession of medieval mullioned windows that alternate with the classical motifs of Roman capitals. Its walls frame an enviable collection of finds from the Roman, Etruscan and Egyptian eras collected during the scholar's many travels and his permanence on the island of Capri.

The Certosa

Situated just a few steps from the famous Piazzetta, the Certosa di San Giacomo is one of the most important historical buildings on the island. Built in 1371, it suffered extensive damage as a result of repeated pirate raids in the sixteenth century. Restoration lasted until 1636 and, over the years, it has been home to a monastery, a military base, a hospital and a prison. Today, it is a charming location for cultural events.

Via Krupp

This road is named for the German industrialist, Friedrich Alfred Krupp, who, when docking his yacht in Marina Piccola to spend his holidays on the island, found it inconvenient to reach his home. To make it easier for himself, he built this fabulous road, more than one hundred meters above the sea, to connect Marina Piccola to the center of Capri.

Augustus Garden

These gardens have their origin on the property of German steel industrialist Friedrich Alfred Krupp who, in the early twentieth century, bought this stretch of land to build his home. From then and up until 1918, the gardens carried the name of Krupp. In 1918, the gardens were renamed the Augustus Gardens, name that has remained to the present day. From the Augustus Gardens, a stunning 180-degree panoramic view of the island of Capri can be enjoyed and, in fact, from there you can see Monte Solaro, the Marina Piccola bay, Via Krupp and the famous Faraglioni.